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Stomatitis in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Stomatitis is an unusually painful and complicated disease found in cats. With the name stomatitis, you may think it involves the stomach, but it’s actually a severe inflammation of a cat’s gum tissue. Understanding feline stomatitis could help your cat get the relief it needs if they were to get this unfortunately common disease. 


What Causes Stomatitis?

Unfortunately, the exact cause of stomatitis is still unknown by veterinarians and researchers. The only current knowledge on the subject is the presence of an abnormal response in the cat's immune system, which can lead to this disease. It is generally thought to be caused by this immune system's abnormal reaction to bacteria and plaque on the cat's teeth.


Stomatitis Symptoms

The first symptom of stomatitis you will notice is terrible smells coming from the mouth of your feline companion. This foul scent occurs because of the bacterial build-up in their gums and teeth. Typically, they will also be drooling excessively as a result of stomatitis. Other symptoms include difficulty eating and crying when they need to use their mouths because of the pain of their inflamed gums. A notable side effect of feeling pain in their mouths is a loss of weight as a result of the struggling to eat. You may notice your cat avoiding meal times and preferring soft wet foods as opposed to kibbles. 


How to Treat Stomatitis

To treat stomatitis effectively, you need to deal with the bacterial build-up in your cat’s mouth. Your vet will provide anesthetized cleanings for your cat, and you should brush their teeth and provide gentle dental care regularly. Unfortunately, cleaning can only do so much, and stomatitis usually requires tooth extraction surgery. Even trace amounts of bacteria and plaque can cause severe stomatitis due to the immune system’s abnormal response to it. This surgery is considered extensive, but it is currently the best way to help treat the disease. 


Get the Dental Care Your Cat Needs at Atascocita Animal Hospital

Atascocita Animal Hospital is a full-service pet hospital well-equipped to handle any medical issues your animal companion would encounter. Our advanced medical facility is both capable and passionate when it comes to helping your pet. Our staff takes the time to get to know you and your pet, as well as educate you on how to take the best care of them. Stomatitis is no joke, and our animal hospital is experienced in providing the best care possible for your feline friend. Shoot us a call and see how we can provide the care you need!


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