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Protect Your Cat Against Rabies


Protecting your cat against the rabies virus is so important that many states have a mandatory law that requires all pets to get the rabies vaccine. The rabies virus is a highly contagious and fatal strain that can spread to any mammal, including humans, and causes severe damage in the body. The rabies virus spreads through direct contact, such as a bite or scratch, or through contact with the saliva of an infected animal. Once the virus enters the bloodstream, it travels up the nervous system to the brain where it begins to rapidly inflict damage. Once an animal begins to show symptoms of rabies, it is too late to save them. The only way to protect your cat from rabies is to ensure they receive the rabies vaccine.

Cats that are exposed to wild life are more prone to coming into contact with the virus. If you suspect that your cat has been bitten or scratched, contact your vet immediately. Cats that have rabies may show the following symptoms

  • Drastic changes in behavior 
  • Aggressive and excitable
  • Drool or foam at the mouth
  • Loss of muscle control

An animal that has been infected by rabies can act differently towards their owners. If your pet has rabies, then it’s very important that you stay away from the animal so that the virus does not spread. A rabies-infected animal is a hazard to the nearby community. 

For Your Pet’s Core Vaccines, Visit Atascocita Animal Hospital

Protect your cat from rabies by getting them vaccinated. For a reliable and trustworthy vet clinic, visit Atascocita Animal Hospital in the Humble area. Our full-service veterinary hospital offers a wide range of pet care options designed to keep your best friend by your side for many years to come. Though this is an advanced medical facility, we are passionate about creating a warm, welcoming environment. We take the time to discuss your pet’s health and care with you, educate you on background issues, answer all of your questions, and make sure we understand what is important to you. Contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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