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How to Prevent Your Dog From Slipping on Hardwood Floors

Is your dog ice skating around your home? If your home is outfitted with hardwood flooring, the odds are, you’ve likely seen your pup glide and stumble around the house from time to time. While the spectacle of your dog adorably sliding around your floor may leave you giggling, it's no laughing matter.


Pups both young and old are at risk of pulling muscles and tearing ligaments when they go flying across the living room. No one wants to see their pup get hurt, so stay tuned for three helpful anti-slip tips to keep your pup’s balance in your home:


  • Keep Your Puppy's nails trimmed: As a dog’s nails grow, their ability to balance fully on their toe pads is jeopardized. Your dog’s putting more weight on the tips of his nails! Simply put, giving your dog’s nails a trimming could solve your pup’s slippery problem.


  • Get Toenail Grips: Dogs are naturally outfitted with excellent outdoor traction provided by their toenails. However, this excellent traction power isn’t available on smooth hard flooring. That’s where toenail grips come into the rescue. Toenails grips are simple rubber tubelike pieces that slide over your dog's toenails offering them more traction than ever before with little discomfort of obstruction of movement. 


  • Invest in Pay Wax: Paw wax is a quick solution, only taking moments to apply, and offers your dog not only more traction, but also protection against hazardous terrains such as ice or hot summer pavement. 


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