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Back Pain in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

If you have ever experienced back pain, you will understand how difficult it is to deal with. Back pains can be highly debilitating and significantly damper your mobility. You may be surprised to learn that back pain can affect your precious pooch as well, despite their posture being different from humans. If you are knowledgeable about the symptoms and remedies of back pain in dogs, you can save your canine companion from some severe troubles!



The causes of back pain in dogs are not all that different from humans, and many of the common causes are shared between the two species. Here are some of the most notable ways dog's can get back pain:


  • Age: All animals get weaker as they age, and dogs are no exception to that rule. As they age, your precious pooch loses muscles in its back, and its bones get weaker. This combination often leads to back pain.
  • Trauma: Back pain in dogs can also be caused by spinal trauma. If your dog took a hit in the back or fell down hard, it may get injured, resulting in some back pain.
  • Arthritis: The joins in your dog's spine are vital to their smooth mobility and actions. Arthritis leaves the joints swollen and tender, which hurts your dog's back.
  • IVDD: Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) is an ailment that affects dogs with long spines (Dachsunds, Corgies, etc.). It is the result of a damaged spinal cord that causes pain in the back over a period of time. 




It's generally relatively easy to notice if your precious pooch is experiencing back pain because of how much it makes them struggle. If you suspect your dog has back pain, examine their spine area and see if they are keeping it stiff. You should also check if they have trouble with their mobility and see if they are struggling to move. Lastly, gently press around their spinal area and check if they feel pain when touched. 



There are many methods of treating your dog’s back pain, regardless of whether it is chronic or temporary. Here are some popular treatment methods:


  • Weight Management: Being overweight puts significant stress on a dog’s spine. As a result, your veterinarian may require your pooch to lose weight in order to heal its back.
  • Medication: If your dog’s back is inflamed and tender, your vet can prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine to ease their struggles.
  • Physical Therapy: After trauma, your dog may need physical therapy to return its spine to a healthy and pain-free state.
  • Surgery: In some severe cases, surgery may need to be performed on the damaged areas.



Eliminate Your Dog’s Back Pain at Atascocita Animal Hospital

Atascocita Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital with the goal of keeping your pet by your side for many years! Our hospital offers many pet care options for all your pooch’s needs. We are an advanced medical facility that is more than capable of helping your dog through its back pain and other medical inquiries. Contact us to see what we offer!


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