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5 Dangerous House Plants To Keep Away From Your Furbaby

Plant keepers beware! Your indoor decoration may be putting your furbaby at risk. Sadly, there are hundreds of plants that can cause a toxic reaction in your pet if consumed. As responsible pet parents, we must pet-proof our home to ensure our furry companions live healthy and safe lives. Below are five examples of houseplants that are toxic to your pets' health.


Five regular house plants that are harmful to our pets:


  • Aloe Vera: Aloe is reasonably toxic to pets. Potential symptoms your pet may show if Aloe Vera is consumed include vomiting, diarrhea, change in urine coloration, and depression. 
  • Lilacs: Lilacs can be lethal to cats and dogs. Consumption may result in kidney complications, diarrhea, and depression.
  • Cannabis: One of the most common plant materials that can make your pup sick. Consumption may result in incoordination, tremors, and excessive drooling. 
  • Sago Palms: A common plant in tropical gardens, but also a possible death sentence for a dog. If consumed, even in a tiny amount, your dog may experience organ failure.
  • Ivy: Many ivies, such as English Ivy, have a moderate toxicity effect in pets. Usually causing inflammation of the face area when exposed to a dog. 


As responsible pet parents, it’s key that we educate ourselves on all the potentially toxic household items that may harm our pets. 

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