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3 Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

As loving pet parents, it can be painful to see our pup’s stress and cry when preparing to leave the house. It’s common for dogs to express stress at the prospect of being left alone, but it becomes a bigger problem when that stress leads to destructive behaviors. Dogs with separation anxiety are not only prone to household destruction, but also self-harm, such as the case of an escape attempt through a window or door. Below you will find three common examples of separation anxiety in dogs. 

Many dogs who suffer from separation anxiety are likely to show these signs:


  • Repetitive Pacing: A telltale sign your dog is suffering from separation anxiety can be seen in their movements. If your dog begins pacing up and down as if they’re ruminating, it’s a clear indication your dog is having a difficult time coping with your imminent departure. 
  • Household Urination & Defecation: When a dog suffers from separation anxiety, they are likely to forget all their potty training. This can be a nightmare for owners as the messes left behind can damage furniture and carpeting.


  • Destructive behavior: Dogs with separation anxiety commonly cause damage around the house. However, torn pillows and destroyed furniture are not the only concern. Many pup’s with this level of anxiety will attempt to break their crates, windows, and doors. The injuries associated with separation anxiety can be serious and expensive to treat. 

Separation anxiety is hard for both dog and owner, but never lose hope. With a keen eye and a patient heart, you and your dog can beat this dangerous condition and restore peace back into your household. 

We’ll Take Care of Your Pup at Atascocita Animal Hospital

At Atascocita Animal Hospital, we are invested in the total wellbeing of your companion. Our skilled and compassionate staff strive for excellence and will look after your pet’s every need and accommodation. If your puppy is struggling with separation anxiety bring them in today for professional behavioral advice and guidance that will bring peace to your stressed furbaby. 

Visit our website or call us today to learn more about our wellness care services and appointment times. We look forward to welcoming you into our family!


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